Are you looking for the best SharePoint support?
Here we are!

What makes us special?

From the very beginning of SharePoint we love this technology and we are highly experienced in every SharePoint aspect. We know how to manage projects quickly and safely.

SharePoint Farm Support

What happens when the servers go down? We could support your company in SharePoint data security and SharePoint farm stability

Power Users Support

If you are working with SharePoint and do not always know how you can improve your solution or how you should create new solution for which your business people ask?

WebParts, Features, Workflow, etc.

We can create any SharePoint component, from 'Web Parts' through handlers to the complex workflow solutions.

SharePoint Farm Support

You do not have to hire a permanent guardian for your SharePoint. Our company guarantees the best specialists without the need to employ them on a permanent basis.

Health Check Service
We analyze the condition of the SharePoint farm based on: Microsoft recommendations and our experience.

Reconfiguration, repair, backup-restore
SPatch installations, launch and reconfiguration of existing services, backups, etc.

SharePoint upgrade
Microsoft no longer supports SharePoint 2007 and 2010 versions. The new SharePoint 2016 is faster, more stable, and more efficient.

Power Users Support

With us, you can easily answer the specific business needs of people in the business departments. This kind of support can only be implemented effectively with the expertise and knowledge of SharePoint specialists, such we are.

Trainings for administrators, developers and key users
Our company have specialists who will train all: beginners, programmers or practicing SharePoint engineers.

Implementation Assistance
This is a formula for companies that have SharePoint, but employees do not feel comfortable using its capabilities.

Cyclic SharePoint workshops and consultations
The aim of the workshop is the continuous developing of both: employees and SharePoint applications.

WebParts, Features, Workflow, etc.

Very often in the company's extensive needs arise, which require in-depth programming knowledge. By working with us, you will be able to implement all of them. You will also benefit from our years of experience and knowledge of 'how others do that'

Implementation of internal portal projects
Comprehensive approach to the project, from needs analysis to post-deployment support.

SharePoint components and applications
Internal Recruitment, Employee Announcements, Newsletter, Bank of Ideas, HelpDesk, Phone Book, Ordering Articles and Business Cards, and many more.

Creating dedicated layouts
SharePoint does not have to look like it looks :). The portal interface can be 100% customized to the corporate requirements of 'Visual Identity'.

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